Nail Goddess

I love working with Gel. My favourite Service to provide to my Client’s is Coloured Gel Pedicures.

Now, let’s be honest, the vast majority of us don’t look after our feet nearly enough. Every single one of my Client’s begins by apologising for the state of their feet.

But if they didn’t let them get that way, they wouldn’t need to come to me, so I thank them for it!

And, they ALWAYS leave super happy at the shining difference 1hr and some colour can make to their once poor, neglected feet. It’s usually at that point I have them hooked for life!

I have a few clients that have been coming back to see me once a month for close to 10yrs.

“Overall, I believe Gel Nails are a far superior system in many ways, but at the end of the day everyone will do what they are most comfortable with.”

Gel provides such long-lasting colour and shine, usually the only reason my Client’s need to come back at around the 4 week mark, is because of the length getting in the road.

They take a month of day to day punishment, yet return as shiny as the day they left my Salon.

For Gel Manicures, I use a Stronger Nail Builder System on the natural nail bed, and then put Coloured Gel over the top. These are long lasting, hard wearing and again, stay Shiny and Glossy until your next visit.

I have just started working in Salon doing Nails again on a regular basis, and have been reminded of how much I love it.
I Owner/Manage the Salon and enjoy it so much, but taking Nail Client’s gives me a break from the grind of Managing, Reception, Bookkeeping, Cleaning and all the other fun stuff, and gets me back one on one with my Clients.
For several years now, I have been an advocate for Gel Nail systems over Acrylic Nails, for many reasons, but the main ones are those I’ve listed below:

Why I avoid applying Acrylic Nails:

• DAMAGE: Long Term damage to the natural nail. I have countless Clients coming in to have their Acrylic removed, then off we go on a journey to bring the Natural Nail back to a Healthy state.

• PAIN: If any of you have had Acrylic Nails and you have given them a good whack or bent them back, you will know of the absolute Black-out type pain I am talking about! It lets you know you’re alive immediately and then stays sore for DAYS….. That’s all I will say about that.

• TOXIC SMELL: I own a Massage and Beauty Salon and aside from a few Nail Products and Hair Colouring Products, we try to be as Natural as possible. There is just no way I want my Massage, Hair or Natural Therapy Clients having a treatment and having the potent smell of the acrylics going through the Ducted Air-Conditioning. No thank you!!

• TIME: Acrylics take a long time to remove. Especially if you are like me and want to preserve the Natural Nail as much as possible. Patience pays off when you are on a Long-term Plan with your Nail Tech after an Acrylic Removal.

Why I choose Gel Nails every time:

• SHINE: The amazing shine from the Top-Coat of Gel will stay Glossy until you come to have them removed or filled.

• MINIMAL DAMAGE: Gel has a bit more flexibility and from what I have seen and experienced, seems to take the bulk of the impact of hard knocks, opposed to the Natural Nail taking it and cracking.

• COLOURS: Coloured Gel is my favourite product to use on my Clients. I currently have an expansive range of colours for my clients to choose from and that range is growing by the week!

Overall, I believe Gel Nails are a far superior system in many ways, but at the end of the day everyone will do what they are most comfortable with.

While I’m certainly not professing to know what’s best for everyone, it has certainly been my experience that the proof is in the pudding! Almost exclusively, once I see someone convert to Gel Nails, I’ve almost never seen them return to Acrylic Nails and in almost all cases, the overall natural nail health improves with Gels.

If you are reading this and wondering whether Gel is for you, pop in and chat with me, I’m always only too happy to discuss my thoughts and if you would like to try them, then please book an appointment with me, I’m always only too happy to create beautiful nails for my ladies!